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    Working standard solutions of calcium Ca potassium K and iron Fe were prepared from stock standard solution 1000 ppm in 2 N HNO3 and absorbance was noted for standard solution of each element and samples using atomic absorption spectrophotometer AAS The calibration curves obtained for concentration vs absorbance...

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  • PDF Effect of Fermented Bioextracts on Growth and

    Abstract This research aimed to study the effect of fermented bioextracts on growth of Mung bean The formula of bioextract named EM6 was contained papaya coconut molasses in a ratio of 3 3 1...

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    rawgithubusercontent 7449174...

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    See work solutions opens in a new tab or window A perfect fit for every team Canva Free For people and teams wanting to design absolutely anything from logos and social media content to documents prints and more Tons of free templates photos and fonts to bring your vision to life...

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